Professor Sandra Lynch  

Dip.Teach, BA, MA.Hons., Ph.D

Professor of Moral Philosophy
Founding Director, Institute for Ethics & Society

The University of Notre Dame Australia

Professor Sandra Lynch is founding Director of the Institute for Ethics and Society and Professor of Philosophy, University of Notre Dame Australia (Sydney campus). Professor Lynch is a moral philosopher, with expertise in applied and professional ethics, ethics and values education, the constitution of the self, friendship, critical thinking, and the intersection of philosophy and literature. Her most recent work has been focussed on responding to the need to deepen students’ active engagement in ethical discourse and to enrich their studies by including a focus on the demands of acting on one’s values in complex workplace and social settings. Her research into best practice in the teaching of ethics is underpinned by a commitment to ensuring that our students develop the confidence and competence to contribute to the flourishing of their professions and of the societies of which they are part.

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